Your 6 Steps to Avoiding Chemicals


Your 6 Steps To Avoiding Chemicals

It is estimated that we have a minimum of 40 neurotoxins & carcinogens in our blood & urine at all times. Studies have shown that almost everyone tested had significant levels of pathogens and varying levels of vitamin & mineral deficiencies. Much of this is due to contaminated soil, water & the air we breathe daily. Our crops are grown on soils depleted & grown with artificial fertilizers and our meats are consumed from animals given antibiotics & growth hormones to increase their weight.

One of the major problems with toxins is that you cannot see, taste, smell or feel them. We do not realize we are being affected until we come down with a chronic illness after years of subtle and repetitive exposure.

Toxins are 1 of the 6 Interferences to Wellness along with structural integrity, nutrition, allergies, electromagnetic interference and negative emotional patterns.

A study published in the British Medical Journal estimated that 75% of most cancers are caused by environmental toxins and lifestyle factors which are stored in fatty tissues. Some of the effects of these toxins include:

* Neurological disorders * Cancer * Nutritional Deficiencies * Hormone Imbalances–infertility, premature puberty, PMS, menopausal symptoms * Enzyme dysfunction * Fatigue, Headaches, Obesity * Muscle and Vision problems * Immune system issues, Allergies, Asthma, Chemical sensitivities * Chronic viral infections



  1. Since most food products are contaminated with toxic chemicals buy and eat organic produce and free-range organic foods as often as possible. Avoid eating farm-raised fish which is contaminated with mercury and PCBs. Avoid all processed foods–they are processed with chemicals, dyes, colors, etc.. Avoid using all artificial food additives including artificial sweeteners and MSG. (use Stevia as your sweetener) Remove your “silver” dental fillings by a biological dentist as this is a major source of mercury. Use natural cleaning products in your home and natural organic toiletries on your body.(Ask us for our list of cleaning without chemicals. Avoid using air dryer sheets and fabric softeners unless environmental friendly.


  1. Balanced nutritional support is not only essential but it is vital to support the body as it detoxifies. Enzymes provide a biochemical catalyst and aids in digestion, enhancing the overall nutritional status. Probiotics provides the bacteria needed to promote bowel health and elimination. Adrenal support handles the toxic stress placed on the body during the detoxification process. Nutritional detoxification utilizes supplements designed to facilitate the toxic process. Homeopathy helps to release specific toxic substances from storage in the fatty tissues. It is complimented by an essential fatty acid which binds to the toxin to be eliminated from the system. Other detoxification products may include liver support.


  1. The detoxification cellular cleanse energy balance foot bath is designed to restore the body’s energy and balance, while facilitating and aiding in its natural detoxification process. It uses direct current to create an ionic energy field similar to the energy produced by the human body. Has been shown in clinical trials to balance and restore the body’s Ph and electromagnetic energy. A series of at least 10 treatments will be needed to balance the body’s systems.


  1. Other detoxification therapies include skin brushing, salt and soda bath, vinegar bath, lymphatic drainage, infrared sauna and cold low level laser therapy.

Contact our office for further details on these therapies:



  1. The purpose of any cleansing program is to support toxin elimination through various detoxifying systems of the body, including GI, respiratory, lymphatic, urinary, bowel and the skin. The best time to cleanse can be seasonal, in the Spring or Fall.


There are many levels of detoxification a person can do ranging from a bland diet to a well-balanced juice fast or liver flush. ***It is important to note that detoxification may be inappropriate for people who are underweight, physically weak, or have a hypothyroid or hypoglycemic condition. Recovering alcoholics, drug users, diabetics and those with eating disorders should never participate in a cleansing program without strict medical supervision.”***


  1. The process of detoxification may require a multi-faceted approach by identifying the toxic substances using blood and/or hair analysis along with nutritional testing. When you visit our wellness center we will assess your specific nutrient needs that may also include support for the male/female hormone system, immune support and organ support.



It is the perfect solution to cleanse away the toxic sludge, lose weight and rejuvenate your body with an easy to follow 24 page guide on a wellness plan for life!


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