Dr. Rosenfeld is a great teaching Doctor.

"I was in a car accident and had a back and neck injury.  In addition, I had pain in my hip and tingling in my cheeks.  A long time ago (before my accident) I had visited a physical therapist that hooked me up to electrical stimulation and put heat on me for weeks.  Over time I got better.  I found Dr. Rosenfeld through my PPO Blue Cross list of providers.  The first couple of weeks were learning new habits and each time and each visit I have learned more of what I can do to maintain the relief that Dr. Rosenfeld has brought me.  I am able to work without pain for days at a time and I know I can return to Dr. Rosenfeld's office and get support for continuing recovery.  I am still working on permanent neck pain relief but my lower back, hip and cheek tingling are gone!  Wonderful.  Dr. Rosenfeld helps me and motivates me to keep coming in! Her office staff is completely supportive and knowledgeable too.  Dr. Rosenfeld is a great teaching Doctor."

- DP

After seeing Dr. Rosenfeld, I have no pain in my neck and great mobility.

"I first came to the office in 07/07. I came to the office because of pain in my neck and shoulders that I have had on and off for years. I also had very limited mobility. In the past I have been treated by other chiropractors with only temporary relief. We changed insurance plans and after much research I called Dr. Rosenfeld. After seeing Dr. Rosenfeld, I have no pain in my neck and great mobility. There is still some aching in the shoulder, but the mobility is much improved."

- Sharon

My back is a lot better

"I have suffered back strain on and off since December 2006.  Picking up something or my weight caused it and I could not go to work so it was pretty severe.  I saw another chiropractor on and off and got some good results but it didn't last.  I found Dr. Rosenfeld on the internet and through my husband's insurance.  My back is a lot better and now we are working on neck pain and stress in my upper shoulders from work and day to day activities.  Massage has helped as well."

- CS

A course of treatment for both of us eliminated our pain

"I was referred to Dr. Iris in 1996 from a psychologist who was seeing my son. As a computer user of thirty years I was in bad shape and had chronic pain. My son had constant back pain because his school backpack often weighed more than forty pounds. We both needed help… fast. Dr. Iris made time for us right away and even after the first visit we experienced some relief. A course of treatment for both of us eliminated our pain and Dr. Iris taught us stretching exercises that we use daily. We continue to visit Dr. Iris for maintenance regularly.

I love coming into this office.

"I had tremendous pain in my lower back and neck.  I could barely walk or even function normally before I came to see Dr. Rosenfeld.  I had this condition on and off for years, but never to this degree that caused me to finally seek professional help.  I was given Vicodin, Soma and Naproxin by a regular family physician.  The medication only temporarily took away my pain.  I never had any other treatment other than a physician who prescribed me these medications.  One of my husband's friends spoke very highly of Dr. Rosenfeld so I called her.  I have gotten great results!!! I am finally recovering from my back/neck injury.  Dr. Rosenfeld and her entire staff have been extremely caring and helpful.  I love coming into this office."

- MG

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