With Dr. Rosenfeld I felt comfortable that she would take care of me.

"I had a neck injury seven years ago and have continued to have periods of bad times.  I recently had a knee replacement which threw my back and neck out to the point I could not walk.  I lost my job, can't work and can't work out.  I just felt down.  I had a bad experience with a chiropractor a long time ago.  With Dr. Rosenfeld I felt comfortable that she would take care of me.  Within a couple of visits I could walk and the pain was not so terrible and now we are working on the neck to try and relax it.  I also use the natural products as well as the exercises given to me by Dr. Rosenfeld to try to get the best results.  When I feel better life is better and everyone and everything is better.  I tell people to try chiropractor care because if they try it they will be surprised."

- KM

I love coming into this office.

"I had tremendous pain in my lower back and neck.  I could barely walk or even function normally before I came to see Dr. Rosenfeld.  I had this condition on and off for years, but never to this degree that caused me to finally seek professional help.  I was given Vicodin, Soma and Naproxin by a regular family physician.  The medication only temporarily took away my pain.  I never had any other treatment other than a physician who prescribed me these medications.  One of my husband's friends spoke very highly of Dr. Rosenfeld so I called her.  I have gotten great results!!! I am finally recovering from my back/neck injury.  Dr. Rosenfeld and her entire staff have been extremely caring and helpful.  I love coming into this office."

- MG

I was really impressed with the advanced equipment and techniques

"In April of 2008 I was struck by another car while driving and felt my neck snap and muscles in my upper body pull and tear. When I woke up the next day I had a migraine and was so stiff I could not walk. Dr. Iris saw me immediately and began working on me. I was really impressed with the advanced equipment and techniques she uses on accident victims. She eliminated my headache in the first visit and got me walking without pain quickly. I would never see or recommend another chiropractor as long as Dr. Iris is still practicing. She is such a wonderful person and talented professional."

- B. Davis

I would give 10 stars if I could.

"I would give 10 stars if I could.  Dr. Rosenfeld is the consummate professional!

If you want to get the best chiropractic care available look no further. I must receive impeccable care/service for me to write a review. Dr. Rosenfeld will increase your quality of life and reduce your pain. This is all done in a professional manner and setting. The staff is just as professional as Dr. Rosenfeld which is extremely important to me!  I have been to numerous Chiropractors and very rarely will I return for a second visit. My search took over 6 months to find the right Dr and care. And the office hours should accommodate anyone's schedule. 

Thank you Dr. Rosenfeld. I'm so excited to have found you!"


Since seeing Dr. Rosenfeld, I have had progressive improvement

"I first came into the office in January 2008. I had a chronic issue with burning tightness in the right hip, extending to the middle back. It began about 10 years ago. I believe it was progressively getting worse but started with having a more sedentary job. It was not debilitating, but was annoying most of the time. I had been to my family doctor, an orthopedist, and another chiropractor. With the other chiropractor I had moderate results. The MDs had little to offer and no idea how to help. I found this office via a web search on the internet. Since seeing Dr. Rosenfeld, I have had progressive improvement, but the supplemental therapies have been both helpful and entertaining."

- Mike

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