Your “Pinched Nerve” Will Never Feel the Same Again With Chiropractic

Pinched Nerve

Your “Pinched Nerve” Will Never Feel the Same With Chiropractic

Chiropractors often refer to a “pinched nerve” as a vertebral subluxation, spinal misalignment or nerve irritation.  This is due to a spinal bone that may be out of place resulting in a restriction or irritation in the space that the nerve runs through. Your spinal column has 24 different moving bones that allow you to twist and turn, while also having the ability to bend.  Having a pinched nerve can be one of the most agonizing things to experience.

Bones are stationary, unless moved by surrounding muscles, and the muscles commonly do not move unless directed by the nervous system.   When nerves that branch off from your spine to all parts of your body are stretched or twisted, they can cause numerous interferences and relentless pain which can be helped with chiropractic care. This disruption or “pinched nerve” can impair your brain’s ability to transmit signals and cause an alteration in your body’s ability to care for the rest of your organs.

Dr Iris Rosenfeld, Dr of Chiropractic, can help identify exactly where the spinal column is out of place and specific gentle manipulative procedures may help reduce the “pinched nerve” and ease the pain. Nerve irritation may disappear in only one visit with chiropractic care, however, many outside factors affect how long it takes.  For example: How long have you had the irritation or “pinched nerve”?  Have you had any injuries, traumas or multiple falls, etc?  Do you have arthritis, disc irritations or any other spinal issues? Are you in good health otherwise? Have you had chiropractic care in the past?

Dr Iris and her team utilize cutting edge technologies that include: Spinal Decompression, Cold Low Level Laser, Therapeutic Massage, physiotherapy, exercise and nutritional programs to eliminate the pain quickly.

Taking care of yourself physically, nutritionally and emotionally, as well as seeking the help of Dr Iris Rosenfeld, Dr of Chiropractic, and her team, can facilitate your experience of pain relief you deeply desire.

I love coming into this office.

"I had tremendous pain in my lower back and neck.  I could barely walk or even function normally before I came to see Dr. Rosenfeld.  I had this condition on and off for years, but never to this degree that caused me to finally seek professional help.  I was given Vicodin, Soma and Naproxin by a regular family physician.  The medication only temporarily took away my pain.  I never had any other treatment other than a physician who prescribed me these medications.  One of my husband's friends spoke very highly of Dr. Rosenfeld so I called her.  I have gotten great results!!! I am finally recovering from my back/neck injury.  Dr. Rosenfeld and her entire staff have been extremely caring and helpful.  I love coming into this office."

- MG

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