There’s Help For Your “Normal” Headaches


There’s Help For Your “Normal”?? Headaches

Are you getting so called “normal” headaches?  Living with headaches are by no means “normal.” Traditional medicine suggests taking a simple pain reliever for the headache you are feeling. However, Dr. Iris Rosenfeld, Dr of Chiropractic, focuses on more natural approaches in your treatments. A headache can be a result of misalignments in your cervical spine and neck causing added pain and disruption of nerves.   This reduced mobility and stress upon your neck can cause a reduced amount of blood flow to your head, causing a headache. In addition, Dr. Iris Rosenfeld will also focus on the cause by checking many other triggers that may include: diet, stress, trauma, allergies, medications and other lifestyle issues.

A thorough orthopedic, neurological, chiropractic consultation & examination of your entire body and spine, can give information as to why you are having headaches.  Then, appropriate care can alleviate or diminish the underlying problem of your headaches instead of covering it up with pain pills. This restores blood flow and mobility to your neck and head, relieving headache pressure that has been sustained in your spine.

In addition to gentle manipulative care, physiotherapy, stress reduction, therapeutic massage and nutrition, Dr. Iris Rosenfeld’s cutting edge technologies include Cold Low Level Laser and Spinal Decompression to reduce the underlying cause of your headaches.

You owe it to yourself to seek expert care from Dr. Iris Rosenfeld and her team to give you real relief from your not so “normal” headaches!

Dr. Rosenfeld is a great teaching Doctor.

"I was in a car accident and had a back and neck injury.  In addition, I had pain in my hip and tingling in my cheeks.  A long time ago (before my accident) I had visited a physical therapist that hooked me up to electrical stimulation and put heat on me for weeks.  Over time I got better.  I found Dr. Rosenfeld through my PPO Blue Cross list of providers.  The first couple of weeks were learning new habits and each time and each visit I have learned more of what I can do to maintain the relief that Dr. Rosenfeld has brought me.  I am able to work without pain for days at a time and I know I can return to Dr. Rosenfeld's office and get support for continuing recovery.  I am still working on permanent neck pain relief but my lower back, hip and cheek tingling are gone!  Wonderful.  Dr. Rosenfeld helps me and motivates me to keep coming in! Her office staff is completely supportive and knowledgeable too.  Dr. Rosenfeld is a great teaching Doctor."

- DP

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