A.D.H.D. and Chiropractic Care

A.D.H.D. & Chiropractic Care

A.D.H.D. & Chiropractic Care

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, or ADHD, has been increasing worldwide. Symptoms of ADHD include but are not limited to:  inattention, hyperactivity, difficulty concentrating and sitting still, inability to control impulsive thoughts and behaviors, easily being distracted by noises and activities and constant movement of the fingers, hands, arms, feet or legs.

For unknown reasons, ADHD seems to affect boys more than girls and finding an effective treatment, or cure, can be quite difficult. Many parents and adults are turning to chiropractors for treatment because of their experience in treating nervous system disorders. Lifestyle changes are recommended prior to using any form of prescribed medicinal drugs as Ritalin, which is a class-II psychotropic drug.  Lifestyle changes can be very effective especially in regards to diet.  This includes removing food dyes, pesticides, preservatives, all sugars and sweeteners from the diet, as well as reducing the use of cleaning agents, fabric softeners and other chemicals around the house.

Chiropractors do not treat ADHD; instead they look to identify underlying causes in a one’s nervous system that may cause the effects of the ADHD. In fact, there is a link between the spine, brain stem dysfunction and ADHD. A thorough chiropractic examination can identify and reveal noticeable spinal distortions.  For this reason, we often recommend a schedule of safe and natural chiropractic adjustments to help reduce the accompanying nervous system tension which can help drastically with ADHD symptoms.

I love coming into this office.

"I had tremendous pain in my lower back and neck.  I could barely walk or even function normally before I came to see Dr. Rosenfeld.  I had this condition on and off for years, but never to this degree that caused me to finally seek professional help.  I was given Vicodin, Soma and Naproxin by a regular family physician.  The medication only temporarily took away my pain.  I never had any other treatment other than a physician who prescribed me these medications.  One of my husband's friends spoke very highly of Dr. Rosenfeld so I called her.  I have gotten great results!!! I am finally recovering from my back/neck injury.  Dr. Rosenfeld and her entire staff have been extremely caring and helpful.  I love coming into this office."

- MG

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