Do Something Awesome Today With Proven Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Adjustments

Do Something Awesome Today With Proven Chiropractic Care

Your spine supports your entire body, keeping you upright and straight.   Alongside this, there is a load of pressure put on your spine because of the weight it supports. Due to this  pressure  put on your spine almost continuously, tension and pain may  increase along your complete body, that can be reduced with chiropractic care.  This pain is most often felt in your lower or mid back and neck, resulting in severe neck, back and shoulder pain. By gently reducing the spinal misalignments you will get the pain relief and the feeling of comfort you deserve with Chiropractic care. Patients regularly report feelings of self-ease and well-being shortly after being examined thoroughly by Dr Iris Rosenfeld and receiving the appropriate chiropractic care.

Dr Iris and her team implement the latest cutting edge technologies that include Spinal Decompression, Cold Low Level Laser and a multitude of physiotherapy, therapeutic massage  and exercise modalities.

Chiropractic treatments are gentle, safe and beneficial for all ages.  Chiropractic uses precise gentle adjustments, thereby improving range of motion, blood flow and decreasing nerve interference. The end result?  The majority of our patients  receive the best feeling possible. You owe it to yourself to see Dr Iris Rosenfeld and her team so you can also feel the true relief you have been looking for with Chiropractic care!

A course of treatment for both of us eliminated our pain

"I was referred to Dr. Iris in 1996 from a psychologist who was seeing my son. As a computer user of thirty years I was in bad shape and had chronic pain. My son had constant back pain because his school backpack often weighed more than forty pounds. We both needed help… fast. Dr. Iris made time for us right away and even after the first visit we experienced some relief. A course of treatment for both of us eliminated our pain and Dr. Iris taught us stretching exercises that we use daily. We continue to visit Dr. Iris for maintenance regularly.

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