Your Child’s Health and Chiropractic

Your Child’s Health and Chiropractic

Your Child’s Health and Chiropractic

It is not unusual for parents to seek the care of a chiropractor for their children’s health. Young children often have health problems that can be helped directly by chiropractors due to  their expertise innervous system disturbances. The spine, brain and all the nerves of the body make up the nervous system, and any disturbances or malfunctioning can result in needing care for a number of ailments. Very gentle and precise manipulation/mobilization on a child can create good health as it clears the pathway for the body to communicate via the nervous system and operate the way it was intended.

A few conditions that may be improved drastically by seeing a chiropractor include:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Repetitive falls
  • Auto injuries
  • Infertility – Blesses adults with the child they have always wanted!
  • ADHD – Reducing nervous system disturbances has helped prior to psychotropic drugs!
  • Bedwetting – Can help cure bladder control with clearing nervous system dysfunction
  • Asthma – Elimination/reduction of attacks are possible by clearing pathways in   the lungs

Chiropractors do not seek to treat these ailments directly; instead they take a systematic approach towards healing the nervous system and improving the nervous systems communication with the rest of the body.

I have experienced relief, blessed relief!

"I have neck pain.  I recall various incidents that triggered it… reaching into a desk drawer, sleeping on a new pillow, etc.  I have seen other chiropractors and some helped and others didn't.  My mom introduced me to Dr. Rosenfeld and I have experienced relief, blessed relief!"

- IP

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