Bed Wetting and Chiropractic

Bed Wetting and Chiropractic

Bed Wetting and Chiropractic

Up to the age of about four or five, most children have reduced bladder control  especially at night. But after that, the failure to stay dry at night may be a sign of an underlying dilemna. While chiropractic is not a treatment for bedwetting, numerous children have been helped with safe and natural chiropracticcare. Lack of bladder control can cause humiliation, guilt and damaged social skills.  Some children feel embarrassment, can’t attend sleepovers, need to use plastic mattress covers or even wear diapers!

Nerves that exit the spinal column in the lower back and sacrum control the two key bladder emptying muscles. During the early years of life, the sacrum has five separate segments.  If these segments misalign due to repetitive falling with activities as learning to walk, riding a bike, etc, the nerves that are responsible for bladder function may be compromised.  (Later, they fuse together to form the triangular-shaped bone that adults have at the base of the spine.)

We look for these subtle misalignments during our thorough examination. With natural and safe chiropractic adjustments, nervous system control and regulation of the bladder may often be returned.

In the Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics many studies show the positive benefits of chiropractic care for bedwetting:

  • A study of 46 children received chiropractic care for a 10-week period. A quarter of those receiving chiropractic care had 50% or more reduction in the wet night frequency, while none among the control group saw a reduction. (JMPT 1994 (Nov-Dec);17 (9): 596-600)
  • A second study showed that children with a history of persistent bed-wetting received eight chiropractic adjustments. Number of wet nights fell from seven per week to four. (JMPT 1991 (Feb);14 (2): 110-115)
  • Such studies prove that a healthy chiropractic routine can help children with their bed wetting problems, and give them more peace of mind when they go to sleep at night.

I am being treated by Dr. Rosenfeld for pain relief.

"I am a law enforcement officer.  I had middle back pain like a pinch under the left shoulder blade area.  This limited me from working out and running.  I was very conscious at work with regard to my profession.  I had heard from a friend that chiropractors thoroughly studied the spine, concentrated on one discipline as opposed to western medicine.  I am being treated by Dr. Rosenfeld for pain relief.  Because of the long hours of sitting in a radio car or long hours standing and the approximately fifty pounds of gear I wear on a daily basis, I don't have the small aches and pains I used to have. I have talked to several of my co-workers who complain of back pain and told them to consult a chiropractor.  I have also told them about some of the other services Dr. Rosenfeld provides."

- HM

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