Stunning 1st Class Relief After an Auto Accident

Auto Accidents and Chiropractic

Auto Accidents and Chiropractic

Frequently, the way a car can absorb and receive minimal damage to its frame can mislead a person about their own injuries and bodily damage after an auto accident.  However, a person’s body is much more fragile than the glass, plastic and metal that their manufactured car is made out of. Even a small car accident, resulting in a bent, bumped or broken tail-light, can result in serious harm to your body.   This is because “hidden damage” can occur. It is very easy to reduce in your mind the injuries that may have resulted from a small accident.   Therefore, be extra cautious and get professional help, from Dr Iris Rosenfeld and her team, as the injury may be worse than you thought, causing “hidden damage” in your body.

If you need to be evaluated at an Emergency Room, you may be informed that you are fine because you don’t have any external injuries, and have no broken bones. You may be given medications to reduce inflammation, muscle spasms and pain caused by structural changes in your neck or lower back. However, in addition, to truly improve and fix the damage done after you’ve been injured, you’ll need Dr Iris Rosenfeld  that fully understands soft tissue injuries, spinal biomechanics and rehabilitation strategies to ensure proper healing.  Whether it was a little incident in the parking lot, or two cars speeding into each other, you need experienced health providers who know how to work with attorneys and insurance companies, and treat you after your auto accident appropriately. This is why having the expert advice and experience that Dr Iris can give  to  evaluate you, and take care of your health is the best decision you can make!

Ask us about having your own Accident Brochure in your car if needed after an auto accident, so you know how to handle a trauma.


I have had issues with headaches and back pain for many years.

"I have had issues with headaches and back pain for many years.  In addition, I have had problems with general pain issues.  I had been treated by two other chiropractors, a physical therapist and a medical doctor.  I would get a bit better but then improvement stopped.  I had heard of Dr. Rosenfeld so I decided to make an appointment.  I have to honestly say that I have been feeling much better in a consistent manner.  The headaches are now rare and my body just feels better!"

- CW

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