Suffering from arthritis in knee and hands?

What You Need to Know About Arthritis & Begin to Move With a Smile

Arthritis in knee

Arthritis and Chiropractic

Arthritis in knee, hands or any joint in the body can be debilitating, and contrary to common belief, arthritis is a common disorder that begins to affect most of us after the age of about 40 years old. Arthritis can be described as basic joint pain or joint inflammation in any joint in the body. Chiropractic treatment can be very helpful for people with arthritis, and common joint pain. Due to the varying pain levels, lack of motion and restrictions in daily activity when dealing with arthritis, you owe it to yourself to be evaluated by Dr Iris Rosenfeld, Dr of Chiropractic.  She will expertly care for you and your entire body.

In addition to gentle manipulative care, physiotherapy, stress reduction, therapeutic massage and nutrition, Dr Iris Rosenfeld’s cutting edge technologies include Cold Low Level Laser and Spinal Decompression to reduce the underlying cause of your inflammation, joint pain and arthritis.

By doing so, you can gain comfort and peace of mind in your everyday life!





I chose Dr. Rosenfeld to help me continue on the road to good health.

"I had just moved to this area.  I had been seeing another chiropractor on a regular basis to help with knee problems and other aches and pains that cropped up.  After I moved I chose Dr. Rosenfeld to help me continue on the road to good health.  I had also received physical therapy for my knee.  Physical therapy worked well but only focused on my knee.  Chiropractic treats my whole body.  Other areas of my body need adjusting to help keep my knee functioning well.  I found Dr. Rosenfeld through the yellow pages.  I am now in my 5th year of chiropractic care and I wonder how I got along without it in the past.  My knee is doing well and I am continuing to run."

- KB

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