Payment Options

Dr. Iris Rosenfeld

Dr. Iris Rosenfeld

We gladly accept most health insurance, including:

  • Blue Cross, United Healthcare, Blue Shield, Among others…
  • Medicare Assignment Accepted

Types of payment accepted:

Individuals in need of our services who lack insurance and who are worried about the high costs charged by many other clinics need not worry. We have highly affordable rates and flexible payment plans allowing access to high-quality care for you and your family. For your convenience, we accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. Individual financial arrangements can be made.

Personal Injury:

We work with most automobile insurance companies and any attorney in the field.

Previously I have seen a GI and an Allergist, with no help.

"I first came into the office on April 2007. I had food and environmental allergies. The allergies were moderate and caused mental fog, fatigue, stomach cramps and IBS. Previously I have seen a GI and an allergist, with no help. Because of the treatments I received here, I am 85% recovered. Most of the foods which caused troubles do not currently cause any symptoms."

- Mandar

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Dr. Iris is a proud member of the Laguna Hills Chamber of Commerce


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