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Dr. Iris Rosenfeld

Dr. Iris Rosenfeld

Armed with superior health strategies, you will take control of your healing experience. Our staff of caring professionals will guide you through a process that leads to ultimate health and wellness.

When you have all the Steps to Wellness, you have the power to heal:

The Steps to Wellness are:

• Structure
• Physiotherapy/Therapeutic Massage
• Exercise/Rehabilitation
• Nutrition and Detoxification
• Stress Reduction

Previously I have seen a GI and an Allergist, with no help.

"I first came into the office on April 2007. I had food and environmental allergies. The allergies were moderate and caused mental fog, fatigue, stomach cramps and IBS. Previously I have seen a GI and an allergist, with no help. Because of the treatments I received here, I am 85% recovered. Most of the foods which caused troubles do not currently cause any symptoms."

- Mandar

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