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The Power To Heal…

Dr. Iris Rosenfeld

Dr. Iris Rosenfeld

Armed with superior health strategies, you will take control of your healing experience. Our staff of caring professionals will guide you through a process that leads to ultimate health and wellness.

When you have all the Steps to Wellness, you have the power to heal:

The Steps to Wellness are:

• Structure
• Physiotherapy/Therapeutic Massage
• Exercise/Rehabilitation
• Nutrition and Detoxification
• Stress Reduction

A course of treatment for both of us eliminated our pain

"I was referred to Dr. Iris in 1996 from a psychologist who was seeing my son. As a computer user of thirty years I was in bad shape and had chronic pain. My son had constant back pain because his school backpack often weighed more than forty pounds. We both needed help… fast. Dr. Iris made time for us right away and even after the first visit we experienced some relief. A course of treatment for both of us eliminated our pain and Dr. Iris taught us stretching exercises that we use daily. We continue to visit Dr. Iris for maintenance regularly.

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