What Your Mother Didn’t Tell You About Staying Young, Healthy, & Stress Free After 40

It is said that 95% of health issues are stress-related. Dr. Iris and her non-invasive methods helps her patients realize how taking control of their mind and body, through diet, exercise, accurate supplement intake and alignment of the skeletal body can reduce the need for “pill popping” and unnecessary doctor visits that end in disappointment because the “real” reason for the pain and problems of the body have not been truly addressed, just temporarily covered with a “bandage” of pills, etc.

In this enlightening book, Dr. Iris addresses some key factors to be aware of in your own body and suggests some proven, effective ways to move your body towards greater mind/body/health and balance. She continues to educate herself in the field of integrative medicine so that she can bring the most current options to her patients.

This book is easy to read and understand and it gives incredible insight to a better you and the changes are easy to accomplish for every one of us that wants to feel better. Make the choice to follow her suggestions and like she says, “create your own toolbox, one simple step at a time.”

If you are in Orange County or surrounding areas, you would greatly benefit from a visit to Rosenfeld Wellness Center. You will leave feeling better physically and mentally and be impressed and empowered!!

Iris Rosenfeld, DC
25255 Cabot Rd Ste 110
Laguna Hills, Ca 92653

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