How To Decrease Holiday “S”T”R”E”S”S”


Celebrations are about family & friends not food as the focus.

Remember: balance, moderation and variety are the keys to health.

Begin now forming new health habits so they are in place ahead of time.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping or Psychological acupressure helps relieve emotional traumas, phobias, food cravings and reduces pain.

Take in a deep breath, tune into your body and think of a negative recurrent pattern or a stressful issue and rate it:   0-10 (10 is worst)

Now say the below statement with filling in the blank below.

Even though I have this_______________________________

I deeply and completely accept/love myself.


Continue by tapping the sides of your wrists saying the above statements, and continue tapping each of the areas below while repeating the above statements:

  1. Top head 6. Chin
  2. Eyebrows 7. Collar bone
  3. Side eyes 8. Under arms
  4. Under eyes 9. Wrists
  5. Under nose

When done, rate the negative pattern again from 0-10. If your new number is not about a 3, repeat above as needed to bring the number down to a 3 or lower.

If you have any questions with the above technique, contact us.

Holiday challenge

Set your family or individual goals on balancing: stress, exercise, eating and getting your sleep.

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