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Join us on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, 2 PM PST and 5 PM EST when Dr. Iris Rosenfeld interviews inspiring and motivational guests. You are guaranteed to leave with 2 ways you can “Adjust Your Attitude”. Go to: www.InnerLightRadio.com  to listen to the shows live and call in with any questions or just click on the replays below. Looking forward to stretching your limits as to what is possible.

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 DatePerson InterviewedTopic
February 27, 2015Vidya Dasi"How to Find the Purpose of Your Life & Proceed Toward Full Self-Actualization Through Vedic Astrology"
February 10, 2015Susan Sherbert www.FunHappyEnjoy.com
"The Fun of Youth"
January 27, 2015Renee Devereaux
"The Ultimate Loive-Affair-Unconditional Self-Acceptance and Love"
January 18, 2015Dr. Jeff Wilson www.addtreatmentcenters.com
"The Mind, Body, Brain and Other Things"
December 9, 2014Dr. Miluna Fausch www.thevoicehealer.com
"Is Your Voice Costing You Clients"
November 25, 2014Dr. Iris Rosenfeld www.driris.com
"What Are You Thankful For with Dr. Iris Rosenfeld"
November 18, 2014Suze Angel www.facebook.com/suze.angel9
"Free Yourself Frtom Pain and Stiffness with Feldenkrais"
October 28, 2014Peter A. Fields, MD,DC www.drfields.com
"Regenerative Techniques for Non-Surgical Joint and Spine Repair"
October 14, 2014Dr Meschi www.myholisticdr.com
"Whole Body Healing Through Evidenced Based Medicine"
September 23, 2014Drs. Barbara and Michael Grossman www.ocwellness.com"Marriage as a Hero’s Journey"
September 9, 2014Cory Michelle Johnson www.corymichelle.us"What Is Your Attitude Telling You??"
July 22, 2014Craig Lauer www.piccee.com
"Finding a soul-mate in this age of mobile dating apps."
July 8, 2014Jennifer Par www.jennparr.com
"Self Love and happiness"
June 24, 2014Althea Ledford www.Female-Exec.com"“E” The Magazine for Today’s Female Executive"
June 10, 2014Dr. Karen Wolfe www.DrKarenWolfe.org
"Taking the Risk to Follow Your Dream"
May 29, 2014Kim Schramm www.likeaboomerang.com"Like a Boomerang: Stories of Reinvention, Inspiration and Success"
May 14, 2014Johnny Vanderlip

"The Power of Listening?"

Apr. 23, 2014Frances Greenspan

"What Do Your Pets Want You To Know?"

Apr. 8, 2014Paula Negrelli

"Mind and Body interventions for chronic pain"
Mar. 28, 2014Patricia West, Owner of Londance                   949-448-7955                  

Karen Rabin, PHD 949-439-5105 karen.rabinphd@sbcglobal.net
"The social, physical and cognitive benefits of ballroom dancing"
Mar. 11, 2014Jack Kenefick, Certified Nutritionist www.balanced-life-wellness.com“ Ditch the Diet Forever - Eating well for 2014 and Beyond ”
Feb. 11, 2014Dr Pamela Middleton www.mydrpam.com “ Natural Treatment Options for Common Childhood Illnesses ”
Jan. 28, 2014Dr Kathy Gruver, PhD www.thealternativemedicinecabinet.com“Conquer Your Stress ”
Jan. 14, 2014Angela Goldstein, ND University of Connecticut www.NDNaturalPath.com“Who is Responsible for your Health?”
Dec. 10, 2013Dr Lani Simpson, D.C., C.C.D. www.LaniSimpson.com“Osteoporosis” How accurate is the testing?
Nov. 26, 2013MichelJoy DelRe Author, Speaker, Radio Show Producer, Life & Business Coach
“Fulfill Your Vision Into a World of Possibility”
Nov. 12, 2013Verlaine Crawford Author, Publisher, Editor and Consultant www.TheSecretAwarenessMagazine.com"Reduce Stress and Increase Success by “Ending the Battle Within”
Oct. 22, 2013Mikki St Germain Life Coach, Author & Self Defense instructor www.MikkiStGermain.com“Got Baggage? ”What do you CHOOSE to carry with you everyday?
Oct. 8, 2013Sherri Curcie, CTT http://totalthermaloc.com/“What’s the Difference Between Thermography & Mammography?”
Sept. 24, 2013Irwin Rosenfeld, MD www.OrangeCountyTMS.com“Getting Well & Staying Well –New Hope for Depression”
Sept. 10, 2013Karen Rabin, PhD www.KarenRabinphd.com
Farmoush Gidanian, MS, RD www.sierranutrition.com

“Brain Power and Nutrition”

Aug. 27, 2013Valerie Banarie, RN & Certified Hypnotherapist www.gobeyondwillpower.com

“Go Beyond Willpower Weight Loss” - Hypnotherapy & weight Loss without surgery

Aug. 13, 2013Lyla Messenger Business & Life Mastery Coach http://www.mylifestrategy.info/“Live From Choice Where the Possibilities Are Endless”
July 9, 2013Cindy Logan, Logan, Master’s in Management, Logan Economic Achievement Programs www.LeaptoWealth.com"What Does Real Estate Have to Do with Health?"
June 25, 2013Tonya Gammon - Health Coach, Speaker, Author & Reflexologist Email Tonya"Optimize Your Brain to Shift Your Attitude"
June 11, 2013Robin Varnet, Founder of Colon Care Institute & Renewed Life Wellness Center www.QRACenters.com"GUT" pH? - Part 2
May 28, 2013Janet Martin, Attorney www.JanetMartinLaw.com"How's Your Legal Health?" - Discover how to get cost effective legal information
May 14, 2013Ellie Pope, Founder of Productivity Poolside www.productivitypoolside.com“How to Tune Your Attitude So You Get More Done” – Ellie’s real passion is helping women entrepreneurs engineer strategies that help them focus fully and also enjoy more time off.
April 23, 2013Sherri Curcie, CCT www.TotalThermalOC.com“Think Early Detection & Prevention - Part 2” – Discover what Thermography is and how it can be used as another tool in your approach to a proactive healthy lifestyle.
Mar. 26, 2013Robin Varnet, Founder of Colon Care Institute & Renewed Life Wellness Center www.QRACenters.com“Learn How to Be Your Own Health Guru - Part 1” –
Mar. 12, 2013Cheryl Silverstein, MFCC www.cherylsilversteinmft.comHer belief is that our experience & behavior are held in the body & spirit as well as the mind
Feb. 26, 2013Rick Itzkowich, "The LinkedIn Guy" & Creator of "Link Power Coaching Programs", tools to use for social media www.rickitzkowich.com“LinkedIn - The Untapped Gold Mine”
Feb. 12, 2013Karen Rauch-Carter" Professional Feng Shui Educator, Consultant & Best Selling Author of "Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life" www.karenrauchcarter.com“Feng Shui Techniques”
Jan. 22, 2013Dr. Karen Rabin" Psychotherapist who offers an integrative, eclectic & caring approach towards fulfilling your life's dreams www.karenrabinphd.com“Live Your Dreams and Feel Good”
Jan. 8, 2013Deanna Potter Business/Profit Planning Expert, Speaker & Coach www.passionateprofitplans.com“My Apologies, You Are Not the Center of the Universe!”
Dec. 11, 2012Dr. Suki Stone Creator, Founder & Author of "Reading to the Third Power" www.readingtothe3rdpower.com“Teaching Learning Disabled Children to Read”
Nov. 27, 2012Michelle Pardes Author, Speaker & Survivorship Coach www.stillbreathing.org“Still Breathing from Cancer to Living” - a personal guide that describes how she successfully manages to survive this life altering illness.
Nov. 11, 2012Aggie Kobrin Director of CEC Global Events www.CrowdFundingLive.com“What Do You Need to Know About CrowdFunding?”
Oct. 23, 2012Erica Roselius Certified Personal Trainer www.DriveFitnessNow.com“10 Biggest Myths About Women and Fitness”
Oct. 9, 2012Jenell Hollett Author & Speaker www.JenellHollett.com

“What I Learned From Men” - a novel available through Amazon.

Sept. 25, 2012Sherri Curcie, CTT Author & Speaker www.TotalThermalOC.com“Think Early Detection & Prevention - Part 1”Discover what Thermography is and how it can be used as another tool in your approach to a proactive healthy lifestyle
Sept. 11, 2012Michael Epstein, HHP Author & Speaker www.EpsteinTherapy.com

“Healing Made Simple” - Since 1978, with a combination of massage therapy and techniques from his extensive background in Chinese Healing Arts, he has been healing his client’s pain syndromes. 

">Aug. 28, 2012Lara Ameen, BA UC Berkeley, Graduate Student at CSUN“Moving Forward”Be inspired by this remarkable young woman who continues to overcome extreme life challenges


Her patients come first there is no question about that.

"I have known Dr. Iris for over 15 years & in all that time she has never wavered from being not only a professional in her field, but treating you like a friend. She has always taken good care of me & made time to see me when I've needed her care. She is always on a quest to learn more & educate her patients so they can lead  healthy lives. Her patients come first there is no question about that."

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