Corporate Wellness Programs helps Control Costs & Create Inspired Employees

Offering a Common-Sense Approach to Workplace Pressures through Corporate Wellness Programs.

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Corporate Wellness ProgramsA well managed corporate wellness program helps manage the pressures to control costs, increase profits, create inspired employees and retention is at the forefront in businesses today.

Staying At the Forefront of Good Health with Never-Ending Education, Dr. Iris Rosenfeld, a Doctor of Chiropractic, is on a mission to explain health concepts clearly and plainly so that her audiences understand. Since starting her private practice in 1985, Dr. Iris has treated over 3,000 patients applying the latest techniques and therapies that improve quality of life. In fact, her motto of “never stop learning” means she constantly is taking courses to remain at the forefront of good health.

Control Costs, Create Inspired Employees and Ergonomics. . .Develop a Corporate Wellness Program

Dr. Iris will describe the benefits of chiropractic care and the cost effectiveness in the workplace with documented literature and outcome measures supporting a faster recovery.   Ergonomic training as well as proper spine and joint alignment will be demonstrated to prevent or reduce injury and create inspired employees.  She will share simple ways to rest the mind, rejuvenate the body and increase energy, by making wellness fit into one’s lifestyle. Through the many inspirational stories, tips, and strategies discussed, your company will gain high employee satisfaction and a profitable, powerful workforce, while controlling costs.

Learn how to transform health challenges with Dr. Iris and thrive as a passionate leader while being entertained and uplifted.  Discover how to create empowerment towards a paradigm shift of limitless possibilities in abundant health and vitality for yourself and those around you.

Her classes are interactive, including small group discussions as well as one-one participation.  Participants will be encouraged to follow stretches, demonstrated, as well as other sitting and standing activities.  Reference materials will be available for a more comprehensive review of the information given.

Dishing out Food and Nutrition News Into Every Aspect

With a B.S. in Foods and Nutrition from Rutgers University, Dr. Iris weaves in facts and strategies that boost wellness bite by bite. She balances restraint with indulgence to develop healthy diets that work for a lifetime. And, Dr. Iris is living proof that it is achievable to be the exact same size in your 50s as you were as a teenager!

Past Host of The Attitude Adjustment Radio Show

Recognizing the integrated nature of good health today, Dr. Iris has interviewed pioneers, executives, and health leaders on topics that impact virtually every American today: overcoming challenges, dealing with stress, fighting fatigue, controlling costs and succeeding in business. As the parent of a daughter with Cerebral Palsy, Dr. Iris understands the power of positive thinking and positive doing to stretch the boundaries of implied limitations.

When not working or teaching, you can find Dr. Iris belting out a show tune or singing in a choir. Just wait until you hear her rendition of “Ahh, Wouldn’t It Be Lovely”.

To discuss corporate wellness programs contact:

Iris Rosenfeld, DC 25255 Cabot Rd., Ste 110 Laguna Hills, Ca 92653 949-380-7215

Now am able to walk a mile or more with NO PAIN, NO NUMBNESS and my NEUROPATHY IS GONE!

"About 3 months ago, started having worsening pain in my thighs and calves when walking. It had gotten so bad that when walking more than a few houses, I had to stop because of the severe pain. Had an MRI and was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, severe degenerative disc disease and protruding discs. Since I wanted to avoid surgery, I decided to try Spinal Decompression treatments from Dr. Iris, twice a week for 5 weeks. Now am able to walk a mile or more with NO PAIN, NO NUMBNESS and my NEUROPATHY IS GONE!  My advice..just try the Spinal Decompression Therapy!"


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