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In case of a medical emergency call 911.

If you are a New Patient, or have an urgent matter please call Dr. Iris Rosenfeld at (949) 300-1760

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It was amazing.

"I first came to Dr. Iris's office in April of 2004.  At the time, I was in bad shape.  I had recently pulled a neck muscle, was extremely fatigued and could not concentrate on my course work.  I suffered from many food allergies and an extreme sensitivity to gluten.  Within 3 visits my neck pain was gone.  Dr. Iris had recommended certain supplements which helped immensely with my fatigue and concentration.  Within a year of starting the allergy treatments, my food allergies vanished, including my gluten problem (which was deemed impossible by other doctors and allergists I have seen) along with a dust allergy.  It was amazing."

- Amy

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