Declare Your Independence From Pain This Week

Declare Your Independence From Pain This Week

Declare Your Independence From Pain This Week! Does Pain Wake You Up At Night? Is Pain Taking the Fun Out of Life?   Only on July 3rd and 5th FREE 15 minute Massage FREE Consultation with Dr Iris FREE Spinal Decompression/Traction Session FREE 15 minute Acupressure or Coaching Call Judi (949) 290-0324   4 Easy Steps: Declare Your Independence From Pain Go to: and read this blog  (one time only opportunity) Iris Rosenfeld,DC 25255 Cabot Rd Ste 110 Laguna Hills, Ca 92653 949-380-7215

June Gloom? Laser “Light” Therapy Helps For Pain!

June Gloom?  Laser “Light” Therapy Helps for Pain! Experience Laser “Light” Therapy For FREE!!! Experience one FREE Cold Laser Light Treatment from Dr Iris as part of our MONTHLY $55 FRIDAY FRENZY..FRIDAY JUNE 16th $55 Full Hour Massages on 6/16/17 and Free Cold Laser Treatment Lasers are used to listen to our favorite music CDs, measure temperature and distances. Even Einstein spoke about light energy! Cold Laser Therapy has been proven to show major advances in the healing process and what is possible for chronic pain and injuries, neurological impairment and enhancing healing in many other medical conditions. “With over 200 clinical studies (double-blind, placebo-controlled and many more planned), and in excess of 2000 published articles on Low Level Laser Therapy, this innovative new technology has a well-documented research and application history. Having grown far beyond its distant Institutional Review Board (IRB) and experimental treatment status, Low level Laser Therapy is now being considered a therapy of choice for difficult pain management challenges including fibromyalgia and myofascial pain.” WHAT ARE THE GREAT BENEFITS OF COLD LASER THERAPY? This effective FDA approved therapeutic modality is non-invasive, requires no medications, is easy and safe to use and does not interact with the molecules in metal joint replacements or plastics. Research is demonstrating that Cold LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) reduces pain by accelerating tissue repair and cell growth, reduces swelling and improves joint mobility, speeds up post-operative scar and wound healing, increases metabolic and vascular activity (improves circulation and immune response),stimulates nerve function, increases prostaglandin synthesis, enhances superoxide dismutase (SOD) levels, etc. HOW CAN A SHINING BLINKING RED...

What is Spinal Decompression Therapy?

What is Spinal Decompression/Traction Therapy? It is a non-surgical traction type therapy for back, leg, neck and arm pain. Spinal decompression is FDA approved and clinically has an 86% success rate for pain associated with bulging or herniated discs, even after failed back surgery. During the treatment, gentle distraction and relaxation phases are cycled through. A specific spinal disc is isolated and when placed under a negative pressure, a vacuum effect occurs. This effect causes a protruding or herniated disc to be pulled back within the disc by the vacuum created within the disc. Also, this vacuum stimulates growth of a blood supply which results in pain reduction and improved healing at the site of injury. How is Spinal Decompression Therapy Different from other types of Traction? The Decompression unit we have at our office controls the variations in the traction allowing for spinal decompression and eliminates muscle reaction and compression seen with typical traction devices. Since patterns are preprogrammed for ramping up and down, the axial distraction amount allows for higher levels of spinal decompression and disc rehydration. When is Spinal Decompression not recommended? It is not recommended for: pregnant women, severe osteoporosis, severe obesity, severe nerve damage and spinal surgery with instrumentation. However, it can be used after bone fusion or non-fusion surgery. How often is treatment recommended and how long does a treatment take? Treatment plans are specific to each individual’s needs after a thorough evaluation has been performed. Based on the current research, the best results have been achieved after about 20 sessions over a 6-10 week timeframe. Each session takes about 30-40 minutes. To...

Discover Pain-Free Traveling This Summer

Discover Pain-Free Traveling this summer!  Don’t let back pain be a part of your vacation! Follow these easy suggestions. While in the Car Before you subject your body to long periods of sitting, it’s a good idea to stretch. This will improve circulation and make positioning yourself easier and more comfortable. Support your spine. Many vehicle seats are designed to provide some lower back and neck support, but chances are you don’t “fit the mold” exactly. Bring small pillows or specially designed back or neck pillows to give extra support as needed. Shift positions and stretch often. When you stretch or vary your position, muscles are much less likely to lock up and cause discomfort or pain. Stop the car to fully stretch whenever muscles feel exceptionally tight or fatigued. Squeeze the steering wheel when stopped. When at a red light or stopped in traffic, squeeze and release your hands around your steering wheel to decrease tension in your arms, neck and shoulders. On the Plane Exercise before you board. Even simply walking along the terminal prior to boarding will keep muscles from becoming stiff or tense early into the flight. Use pillows to support the natural curvature of your spine. Vary positions, move, and stretch. Though you don’t have the luxury of stopping the plane every couple hours to get out and relieve your aching back, standing up in your seat, stretching, and walking about the aisles as needed can prevent strain. Space in airplanes is notoriously tight, but a few easy stretches, like lifting your arms over your head and reaching up toward the ceiling or bending...

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