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How to Eat Dark Chocolate With No Guilt for Valentine’s Day?

How to Eat Dark Chocolate With No Guilt for Valentine’s Day? Make dark chocolate your indulgence of choice, and consider organic dark chocolate that contains at least 75% cocoa. Not only will you be solving your sweet tooth craving, but you will be providing your body with heart and brain health benefits and in turn reduce blood pressure, inflammation and increase blood flow. Why does Chocolate Make Us Feel Good? It contains over 500 natural mood-elevating chemicals with theobromine at the top of the list. It’s a molecular cousin to caffeine but without the stimulating effects to the central nervous system. Chocolate also contains Phenylethylamine (PEA) which when eaten releases endorphins or “feel good chemicals”. That, along with serotonin, will have you feeling fine! Chocolate For Your HEART Yes, dark chocolate is low on the glycemic index(the measure of a food item’s impact on one’s blood sugar level). It is loaded with antioxidants, like polyphenols and flavenols, which are plant compounds. Studies have shown that dark chocolate and cocoa may improve blood flow and keep blood vessels healthy and improve our cells’ sensitivity to insulin and glucose. The cocoa found in chocolate triggers the production of nitric oxide in the blood which relaxes and dilates blood vessels allowing more blood to pass through them. In addition, these flavenoids found in cocao beans, red wine, green tea and cranberries are good to keep your blood pressure under control and your LDL’s or bad cholesterol levels in check. They help prevent free radicals from causing cell damage leading to heart disease. My favorite place to get my chocolate is at Luisa’s Chocolatiere... read more

FREEDOM OF COMPLETION for the year 2016

FREEDOM OF COMPLETION for the year 2016 As we approach the end of the year and beginning of a new year, we request that you use the following approach to be complete with the past, wipe the slate clean, and prepare yourself for a loving, joyous, and prosperous 2017. Don’t think about doing it. Just do it. You won’t be sorry and you’ll be pretty happy when it’s done.  Let’s explore the phenomenon of being complete. THE FIRST PART of being complete is to notice that we naturally want to allow ourselves to express whatever we are experiencing. You see this most clearly with little children. They never hesitate to let you know exactly what they are feeling. Simply said, laugh when you are happy, cry when you are sad, yell when you are angry, and apologize when you screw up! Learn to get present to the moment and be aware of your body sensations, your emotions and your thoughts about yourself and others. Little by little, you will get faster at noticing yourself in the present moment and be able to respond authentically and responsibly to what is happening with you. You will be amazed at the freedom gained just by this simple process. THE SECOND PART of being complete is to learn to let go of grudges, just like children in a playground. When someone takes away their toy, they might throw a tantrum, but when they have fully let out their anger, they usually go back to playing together! We highly intelligent, highly evolved and oh-so-cool grown-ups, however, might not ever speak to each other again! And not... read more


10 SOLUTIONS TO YOUR 2017 RESOLUTIONS How can you make 2017 your best year ever? Take this opportunity to say GOODBYE to the past and HELLO to creating a future with limitless possibilities. Begin with a renewed OPTIMISM by getting a NOTEBOOK or JOURNAL and contemplate these few questions: What did you accomplish in 2016 that made you feel good about you? Did you celebrate it? If not, what will you do? What one behavior are you still doing that is negative? What can you do now to end it? Who has influenced you during this past year—either hurtful or supportive? Thank them for their contribution to you either privately or personally. Go to our website, driris.com and review the article on the Freedom of Completion for 2016 & do the 6 exercises to get complete. Once done, now you are ready to move on….   CONSIDER MAKING ONE LIFESTYLE CHANGE PER MONTH FROM THE LIST OF 10 BELOW Are you swearing off cookies and alcohol? Studies show that the three most common New Year’s resolutions are losing weight, exercising more and quitting smoking . . . all health related. You can achieve your goals, as well as maintain those changes all year round by balancing your body and mind and learning about a lifestyle conducive to optimal health. We would like to suggest 10 Solutions to Your 2017 Resolutions. Consider ONE change per month and at the end of 2017 you will have 10 lifestyle changes!!!   1. Food 6. Quit 2. Movement 7. Simplify 3. Sleep 8. Enjoy the Simple Things 4. Laughter 9. Hydrate 5. Breathing/Spiritual... read more

How To Decrease Holiday “S”T”R”E”S”S”

HOW TO DECREASE HOLIDAY “S”T”R”E”S”S” Celebrations are about family & friends not food as the focus. Remember: balance, moderation and variety are the keys to health. Begin now forming new health habits so they are in place ahead of time. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping or Psychological acupressure helps relieve emotional traumas, phobias, food cravings and reduces pain. Take in a deep breath, tune into your body and think of a negative recurrent pattern or a stressful issue and rate it:   0-10 (10 is worst) Now say the below statement with filling in the blank below. Even though I have this_______________________________ I deeply and completely accept/love myself.   Continue by tapping the sides of your wrists saying the above statements, and continue tapping each of the areas below while repeating the above statements: Top head 6. Chin Eyebrows 7. Collar bone Side eyes 8. Under arms Under eyes 9. Wrists Under nose When done, rate the negative pattern again from 0-10. If your new number is not about a 3, repeat above as needed to bring the number down to a 3 or lower. If you have any questions with the above technique, contact us. Holiday challenge Set your family or individual goals on balancing: stress, exercise, eating and getting your sleep. Iris Rosenfeld. DC 25255 Cabot Rd Ste 110 Laguna Hills, Ca 92653 949-380-7215 driris@driris.com    ... read more

How To Decrease Calories During the Holidays

HOW TO DECREASE CALORIES DURING THE HOLIDAYS Enjoy eating without guilt.  If you overeat at one meal, move on and eat better for your next one.  Celebrations are about family & friends not food as the focus. Remember: balance, moderation and variety are the keys to health. Delete the word “DIE”t and CHEATING from your vocabulary. Before going to a party: Never go hungry- have some nuts, fruit, veggies, broth-based soup, hard-boiled egg, hummus, lo-fat cheese or yogurt, vegetable juice or protein shake. Also, drink 1-2 glasses of water. Take a catnap to avoid being tired therefore overeating & craving. Add an extra cardio work-out that week. Eat healthfully the week before going to a party. Bring your own food or dessert that you can eat. At the party: Choose a small plate and stroll around the buffet table to selectively choose your favorite must-have foods & desserts first. Then choose small portions of your favorite foods to taste only. (2 cupped handfuls) Fill ½ your plate with raw veggies to fill up on. Take a 20 minute break before refilling your plate. This will tell your brain you’re full so when you go back for seconds you will choose less high sugar/fat foods. If you don’t like a food you’re eating, don’t finish it. Chew slowly, really taste each bite and put your fork down regularly. Leave an empty space on your plate between each food item. Put everything you eat on a plate including that one piece of chocolate. Keep an arm’s distance or more from the food table when standing around talking. Focus on other things... read more

How To Avoid Back Pain During the Holidays

HOW TO AVOID BACK PAIN DURING THE HOLIDAYS Parties? Shopping?  Driving? Wrapping gifts?  Our 12 solutions to decrease stress and muscle tension that lead to back and neck pain. WHILE INDOORS: Sit in a comfortable and firm chair and be aware of your sitting posture. While prolonged standing put equal weight on both feet. Need help? Get your posture checked at our office for FREE with our NEW COMPUTERIZED POSTURE ANALYZER. Unless you are using a headset, don’t cradle the phone between your ear and shoulder while cooking, cleaning and talking. WRAPPING GIFTS: Best not to wrap presents on the floor as that encourages poor posture. Instead vary your position while wrapping.   Stand or sit at a table, sit in bed or sit in a comfortable chair. Remember to “stretch opposites”, so if you are leaning forward stretch backward. SHOPPING? Be comfortable with supportive shoes and comfortable clothing. Wear a fanny pack, instead of your heavy purse, with the essential items you need. Stretch before and after a day of shopping to stretch out your muscles. Make frequent visits to your car so you do not carry too much at once. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Take regular breaks and eat light foods. (ie: salad, fruit, cheese, sliced turkey, veggies, nuts, etc) Try not to bring your children with you as this leads to frustration for everyone. At the end of your day, stretch your muscles, take a hot bath or shower and consider a relaxing massage with one of our therapists. If you feel pain starting, use an ice pack for 20 minutes and repeat every... read more


  10 VITAL  KEYS TO DIABETES PREVENTION    Did you know that the average American consumes more than 120 pounds of sugar per year, which is approximately 45 teaspoons per day? Did you know that recent statistics have shown that two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese and that thirty percent of American children are obese? According to the latest research out of the University of Missouri, one in four Americans are struggling with diabetes with the majority of them as type 2. In addition, millions of us are in a state of insulin resistance, or pre-diabetes, that could progress into diabetes. Diabetes can cause many serious health issues and is associated with obesity, heart disease, and increased mortality. It is the fifth deadliest disease in the United States. A preventative approach would be to make sure that blood glucose levels are stable throughout the day. Our brain needs a continuous level of blood sugar to avoid anxiety caused by blood sugar fluctuations. Are you at risk for diabetes? Do you have a family history of diabetes? Are you overweight? Do you have high blood pressure? Are your cholesterol levels abnormal? Are you over 45? Do you have a history of gestational diabetes? Drug Treatment the answer? A new meta-analysis of 13 randomized controlled trials involved more than 33,000 people showed that drug treatment of type 2 diabetes is not only ineffective, it’s dangerous as well. These medications poison the enzymes in our body and disrupt the normal biochemical pathways. In general, a drug therapy protocol should treat the underlying cause of the illness that the drug is being... read more

Sugar Coated Brain?

Sugar Coated Brain? 4 Strategies For Brain Power Yum, the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies or cinnamon rolls. Tastes good, BUT the overindulgence of sugar and grains is now being linked to changes in brain health including memory loss, inability to concentrate, brain fog and senile dementia which is now being called diabetes type 3. Your diet today plays a significant role in your cognition for tomorrow.  A new study has revealed the overloading of carbohydrates and sugar contributes to problems in judgment, thinking and language over time, however, protein, healthy fats and fermented vegetables were brain protective. WHAT DOES TOO MUCH SUGAR DO TO YOUR BRAIN? The consistent overload of high levels of insulin eventually cause its insulin signaling to shut down which can lead to permanent brain damage. This drop in glucose to your brain cells may lead to degeneration and cognitive impairment as your brain also produces insulin.  We are now seeing how the same process leading to Type 2 Diabetes may also be consistent for your brain.  Regularly eating more than 25 grams of fructose per day, will increase the risk of you developing Alzheimer’s as well as maintaining proper insulin levels. HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH PROTEIN? Rule of thumb is not to exceed one gram of protein per kilogram of lean body mass. Your lean body mass can be calculated by finding out your percent of body fat and subtracting that from 100.  Then multiply that times your current weight to get your lean body mass.  If you need to reduce your protein, replace the calories with healthy quality fats as... read more

Tired? Sleepy? Stressed and Don’t Know Why?

Tired? Sleepy? Stressed and Don’t Know Why? If you have symptoms involving: fatigue, insomnia, stress, frequent illness, PMS, hot flashes, blood sugar, and weight, you may want to consider having your cortisol levels as well as hormones tested. Men and women over the age of forty may want to do a baseline test. Frequently imbalances will be detectable for a time period before symptoms gain attention. Difference Between Saliva & Serum Hormone Testing? Saliva testing is an EASY and a NONINVASIVE way of assessing one’s hormone status and is proving to be the most reliable medium for measuring hormone levels. The difference between steroid hormones in saliva and serum is based on whether or not the hormones are bound to proteins in the medium used for testing. The majority of hormones exist in one of two forms: FREE (5%) or PROTEIN BOUND (95%). It is only the FREE hormones that are biologically active, or BIO-AVAILABLE, and available for delivery to receptors in the body. Those which are protein bound do not fit those receptors and are considered not bio-available. When blood is filtered through the salivary glands, the BOUND HORMONE COMPONENTS ARE TOO LARGE to pass through the cell membranes. Only the UNBOUND hormones pass through and into the saliva. What is measured in the saliva is the BIO-AVAILABLE hormone, the clinically relevant portion which will be delivered to the receptors in the tissues of the body. SALIVARY HORMONE levels are expected to be much lower than serum levels, as only the UNBOUND hormones are being measured. When your doctor measures serum hormone levels and prescribes hormone replacement therapy... read more

Creating Healthy Breasts with Homemade Deodorant

Creating Healthy Breasts with Homemade Deodorant Does your deodorant contain… Aluminum– the primary ingredient in most deodorants linked to BREAST cancer and Alzheimer’s disease? Parabens– a preservative believed to upset our HORMONE BALANCE and linked to BIRTH DEFECTS and TOXINS in our organs? Triclsoan-a chemical actually classified as a PESTICIDE by the FDA and a probable carcinogen by the Environmental Protection Agency? Phthalates-linked to a slew of health issues including BIRTH DEFECTS? Propylene glycol– a PETROLEUM based mineral? Studies have linked this to damage to the central nervous system, liver, and heart.   Your simple, very cost effective recipe for homemade deodorant: HOMEMADE DEODORANT 1/3 cup organic coconut oil 2 tbs baking soda (if you are overly sensitive use less) 1/3 cup arrow root powder Essential oils of your choice   Cream all ingredients with a spoon until consistency is similar to deodorant. Mix in oils-lavender, peppermint, citrus, orange, vanilla, etc. Pour mixture in a small container, using a spatula, and simply swipe your two fingers gently into the mixture and rub into your underarms. Wait 3 minutes before dressing.   Remember: “Prevention BEFORE Detection”   For your RADIATION FREE, PAIN FREE, COMPRESSION FREE Breast  screening  call Sherri at: 714- 345-0561 or our office at: 949-380-7215 *ASK ABOUT OUR FULL WOMEN’S & MEN’S  SCREENING FROM CRANIUM TO PELVIS* THERMOGRAPHY VIDEO:   WWW.TotalThermaloc.com Dr Iris Rosenfeld   25255 Cabot Rd Ste 110     Laguna Hills, Ca 92653 949-380-7215 driris@driris.com www.driris.com  ... read more

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