Auto Accidents

At one time, there were assumptions that injuries from auto accidents were always obvious at the time of the accident.  Upon greater examination of these assumptions, research now reveals that there may be a postponement in the arrival of post accident symptoms. This is now fairly ordinary for injuries of a major or minor nature. A reason why victims of car accidents may not feel anything at the time of the accident is due to the heightened affects of adrenaline present in their bodies. Though it varies, some accident victims may not experience their post accident symptoms until several months later while others experience intense or series pain the day of their accident. Our office has worked with auto accident patients and everything associated with those patients including primary physicians, automobile insurance companies and personal injury lawyers. Dr. Rosenfeld will speak with a patient’s lawyer and complete all necessary paperwork in order to start patient care as soon as possible. During the duration in which Dr. Rosenfeld is treating the patient, she will work closely with their insurance company and lawyer. Depending on the type and severity of the case, there may not be any out-of-pocket costs for patient care. After treatment is finished, the patient’s insurance company and lawyer will receive a detailed report outlining the patient’s treatment and present condition. After an Auto Accident Checklist

  1. Stay in the car until the police arrive. If possible, consider moving the car to a safe place while waiting for their arrival.
  2. Call for an ambulance (if needed) as well as the police.
  3. No matter the severity of the injury, go to the emergency room. Even if there is no visible injury present at the time of the accident, it is a good idea to get examined by a doctor within the first 24 hours. Typically, in the aftermath of an auto accident, most injuries remain masked by adrenaline.
  4. Secure necessary contact information from all passengers and witnesses involved. Obtain insurance and driver’s license information from the other drivers.
  5. Make a claim with the insurance company.
  6. Don’t say sorry to the police or admit fault. Let the police decide the best course of action.
  7. When an officer arrives, obtain an accident report number.
  8. There may be damage that has gone unseen. Take pictures of every car involved in the accident from all angles.
  9. If uninjured and able to operate the vehicle, drive it home.
  10. Arrange for a tow truck if operating the vehicle is not possible.
  11. If the vehicle remains inoperable, call a friend, family member or co-worker and wait until they arrive.
  12. If local state government requires it, file a separate police report.
  13. If insurance covers the cost, get a rental car. If not covered by insurance, determine if obtaining a rental car is still a possibility.
  14. Choose a reputable, reliable repair shop to fix the damaged vehicle. Testimonials or referrals from friends and satisfied clients may help in deciding the best option.

In order to capture all details of the accident, fill out the accident form provided here. KEEP AN ACCIDENT DIARY. BE SURE TO INCLUDE:

  1. Explanation, date, time, location of the accident. Memory fades quickly, so be sure to record any of this information as soon as possible.
  2. Note any pain (physical and emotional) and injuries on a daily basis.
  3. Note any time missed from work.
  4. Record and keep log of all doctor’s appointments and any information the doctor has shared.

Please contact our office at 949-380-7215 if you’ve been in a car accident to see how we can assist in your recovery.

She and her staff go out of their way to try to fit you in for an appointment even if they are very busy

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