4 Easy Steps: Declare Your Independence From Pain

4 Easy Steps: Declare Your Independence From Pain

4 Easy Steps: Declare Your Independence from Pain

“My back for no apparent reason was so painful.  I couldn’t move.  After two days in bed a friend recommended I see Dr. Rosenfeld.  I could barely drive or sit when I came in.  This had happened several times in the past.   A medical doctor had given me muscle relaxers only.  They weren’t all that helpful. I experienced miraculous results after visiting Dr. Rosenfeld.  I am able to do more than before in movement and strength with no pain. My whole outlook each day is more positive and I feel more energized.” GM

  1. Use RICE method–Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevationfor initial 24-72 hours after an injury.  Ice for 20 min about every hour or two. Then alternate: heat 10 min, ice 10 min, heat 10 min. 
  2. Eat a diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods emphasizing magnesium and calcium foods found in: kale, collard greens, almonds, blackberries, mustard greens, oatmeal, oranges, navy beans and sunflower seeds.  Avoid or limit foods that contribute to acidity such as refined sugars, caffeine, salty foods and alcohol.  Limit foods high in saturated fats, including red meats, dairy products, warm-water shellfish and partially-hydrogenated oil. Drink chlorophyll-rich, green drinks, such as extracts of wheat grass.  Eat more fatty fish (mackerel, herring and salmon) and preferably wild. Decrease animal fat consumption as it is a primary source of arachidonic acid, a precursor of a number of inflammatory prostaglandins.  Identify and avoid food allergens. We have specific tests to check for food allergies.
  3. Calcium and Magnesium relax the muscles.  Analgesic Herbs: Chamomile, Skullcap, Passion Flower, Kava Kava and White Willow Bark are sedative and anti-spasmodic. Glucosamine Sulfate andMSM help your connective tissues.  Vitamin C can be taken to bowel tolerance.  Essential fatty acidsand proteolytic enzymes are essential to reduce inflammation & pain.  Other helpful nutrients include:  Quercetin, Vitamin E, Vitamins B-1, B-6 & B-12.
  4. The following alternative therapies are beneficial in controlling pain:  Chiropractic Adjustments, Physiotherapy modalities, Cold Low Level Laser, Topical Ointments, Kinesiotape, Therapeutic Massage, Spinal Decompression/Traction, Acupressure, Acupuncture and Stress Management.

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