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As an authority in natural, holistic chiropractic care, Dr Iris Rosenfeld, Chiropractor in Laguna Hills treats children and adults in a family friendly chiropractic office for over 30 years.

Chiropractor in Laguna Hills

We look forward to seeing you soon!!! Yours in continued health,
Dr Iris Rosenfeld, Chiropractor & Staff

Dr. Iris Rosenfeld is a widely recognized Chiropractor in Laguna Hills.  Dr. Iris and her staff utilize cutting edge technologies in the field of chiropractic care to treat painful conditions such as:

All treatment are tailored to each individual’s physiology, diet, and emotional health for the sole purpose of eliminating the interferences that lead to dysfunction and pain.

With extensive experience working with HMO’s, insurance, and lawyers, patients come from all over Orange County including: Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Foothill Ranch, Rancho Santa Margarita, Aliso Viejo, Ladera Ranch, Lake Forest, Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point and San Clemente.

As you consider a quality chiropractor in Laguna Hills, consider these questions:

  • ENERGY:  Are  you in search of vitality?
  • ILLNESS:  Are you tired of not feeling well every single day?
  • HORMONES:  When my hormones and sugars are tested, why am I told they’re okay when I know they aren’t?
  • THYROID:  Why when I get a blood test, does it show that my thyroid is “normal” when I know it’s not?
  • HOLISTIC APPROACH:  Do you ever wish you could be treated as a whole person?
  • BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN HEALTH:  Don’t YOU want to be in charge of your heath, rather than depending on a “general” practitioner?

Pain does not compromise with you, nor should you compromise with living with chronic pain. Many people just like you place their trust and seek Dr. Iris to create a natural, holistic chiropractic approach to get on the path of living a productive pain free life.

Your first consultation is COMPLEMENTARY!  Call us today at 949-380-7215. Do not compromise by living in pain!!

Chiropractic. . .Holistically Aligning You with the Tools to Empower Your Health!

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Chiropractor Laguna Hills

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Dr. Iris is a proud member of the Laguna Hills Chamber of Commerce


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The results were truly outstanding after only a few weeks of treatment.

"I developed lower back pain following very light work in my garden!  The condition had been underlying since a recent flight from New York.  I had previously had a similar episode over 10 years ago.   The back pain was preventing me from carrying out most of my daily living events.  I needed immediate help on a Saturday morning and found Dr. Rosenfeld through a Google search on the internet.  The results were truly outstanding after only a few weeks of treatment.  I was well on the way to recovery assisted by a new "toolbox" of exercises provided by Dr. Rosenfeld.  I am now fulfilling the majority of my daily living events - even cleaning my car.  My goal is now to resume my jogging routine which my back condition has prevented me from doing."

- SW

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